Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mish Mash

Blue & Grey. . .and Red

I took what I wore to church this past Sunday, and added another color/layer (it's cold!). I may keep adding more layers to this outfit as the temperature keeps going down.
I got the coat from Taiwan a couple years ago - it makes people look pregnant!

Jacket & dress from Taiwan night market, UO tights, Seychelle's boots, Cynthia Rowley bag

What was I thinking, part 1

I got this jacket in Argentina years ago, and have yet to wear it. What was I thinking?! I'm trying to challenge myself to make it work though, so maybe you'll see a posting of me wearing it in the future. . .hopefully not for Halloween haha.

The funny thing is, I actually saw it on TV about a year ago! I kid you not, I saw Kyra Sedgwick wearing it on The Closer.

By the way, it took me hours just to come up with those 2 collages above. I need to take a basics photoshop class! Why can't it be as easy as Excel?


thao said...

I love those grey boots! I can't quite see the color of the coat, but i like the vintage shape of it. Haha, i remember when you brought that jacket from from Argentina. But hey, if Krya Sedgwick wore it then it's possible (I love the Closer).

Lilo said...

oooo, your Cynthia Rowley looks so good with the Taiwan jacket! I do like those grey boots better than the UO ones. The outfit is so cute! Hmm... how was Kyra wearing it on The Closer? I think the jacket would look cute with dark denim jeans.