Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jumping on the belted cardie train

I succumbed to the belted cardigan trend. . .

Not sure whether the pants really go with the outfit though? I'll try a dress next time.

The inspiration for my pose: I had heard about the infamous angry foot stomping, but I finally had the opportunity to experience it today. However, since I only got to hear the foot stomping, perhaps next time I'll be able to get a glimpse of it actually happening :)

comptoir des cotonniers cardigan, anthropologie belt, BR shirt & pants


thao said... the COC (person's nickname from now on) was foot stomping today? How do you put up with that?

I'm not sure about the pants either, perhaps with a camel or brown colored bottom? But I like the idea of a belted cardi...I think I'll try an outfit with it too.

Lilo said...

Cute pose Shasha! Hmm.. I do think there is something a bit off with the outfit. Maybe the sweater is too long? Or you chould try a different color for the inside top. like a white top on the inside and camel colored pants?