Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Heart Argyle

Originally, I was thinking of posting all my argyle sweaters to show how much I love them...but that would be too nerdy right? I only have 7 argyle sweaters, which some might say is 6 too many...but I can't resist and want more! Since 90% of my clothes are solid colors, my argyles make up the majority of my patterned pieces (sad, I know). Haha.

Since I didn't find anything for me at BR the other day, I convinced JW to get his first argyle sweater! He also got the green pants and orange sweater pictured below.

Picture 018
Picture 020 Picture 033Picture 028


Anonymous said...

I love the colors! JW looks more stylish than usual. . .pimpin (haha), especially with the sweater over the color shirt w/ the sleeves stylishly bunched up and the cuffs folded over.

please, please do a posting with all your argyle sweaters!

Kari said...

I love that JW actually poses for pics.... how much did you pay him? Or did you say that you would buy fakes purses for a month to get him to pose??? HEEE HEE!!!

Lilo said...

The second outfit is my favorite. JW is stylin!

thao said... was really hard to get JW to pose for me. He thinks we're silly, but I want him to be more fashionable like the men on The Sartorialist!

jw said...

honestly, i had these really cool poses but thao wouldn't have any of it. my creativity was stifled by lack of imagination. i can't work like this :)

Anonymous said...


haha, work it!! don't mind what Thao thinks!
if you're shy, then you & K can work it together haha.

Anonymous said...

I like you second look. I am sure you had better poses in mind than what Thao told you to do.