Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fuglies have arrived!

Woo-hoo!! Meet my Fuglies. . .

There was one more Fugly that I really really wanted. . .but the price of it was equal to all four above! YIKES. . .K's favorites are the 1st & last ones. I like all of them - will have to think of outfits for them. haha, can you tell I haven't shaved?

Taking pics of my Fuglies inspired me to do a shoe parade (finally!months after seeing Fashion Nation do theirs). Before I started, I thought I would have sooo much fun doing it. But after I was done, I realized. . .I don't have THAT many shoes! And most of mine are so boring that I'm ashamed! How disappointing. Anyways, here's my shoe parade. . .

1st Row (from back): all for work! The one on the left is actually 5 years old. Sigh, I hang onto things for so long that they come back into style. Sad thing is I kept wearing it all 5 years!

2nd Row (from back): work continued. I know my super pointy shoes are outta style! But I tell myself who cares, I live in a small city (yeah I know - in denial). The 2nd from the left one is actually elfish - the ends point up :) I actually wore them on a project in Philly - those shoes work well in snow!

3rd Row (from back): the middle two were from argentina. . . like 6 years ago!

4th Row (from back): my beloved flats - perfect for me the klutz, and in a rainbow of colors.

Funny thing is, my sis-in-law has 3 of the shoes above!

Now I have proof for K that I don't have THAT many shoes :)


Shopaholic Homebodies said...

I like the 1st and 3rd the best, but the 2nd is quickly growing on me. Where did you get all your shoes from? Great idea on the shoe parade...I'll have to pull mine out and do it too!

And seeing all your shoes like that reminds me when we lived together and all our shoes were jumbled at the door :)

Lilo said...

I really like the 3rd pair! I've seen people wearing those gladiator-type of shoes, but usually in a blech brown color. I really like the metallic color of yours. Yes, where did you get them? And i like the heel on the 2nd pair. AND, I am falling hard for your yellow flats from the 1st row! Sigh, I'm realizing just how boring my shoes are. :(

Anonymous said...

I got them from Urban Outfitters online! 10% off with code from googling. . .they were all on sale :)

T - haha about our shoes jumbled at the door. K said I was allowed to buy these shoes as long as I keep my shoes in a neat line by the door. All other shoes had to go in the closet. If I was out of order, the punishment was A) have to wear the same pair of shoe all week, or B) some shoes will be taken away from me for a week.

L - I got the yellow flats from Taiwan!