Friday, October 3, 2008

Botkier Lust

Okay, since I mentioned in the previous post that I was looking at Botkier bags all day, here are my favorites that I'm lusting after.

Lust #1: Sasha Small Duffel in burgundy

There's also the silver nylon selling on ebay right now for about $175 cheaper, which is very tempting. However, I REALLY like the burgundy color.

*For the next lusts, sorry there are no pictures. For some reason, the pictures aren't posting.

Lust #2: St. Tropez Vacation Tote in gold patent
(on sale on the Botkier website for $195)
do you think this bag will be huge? too big?

Lust #3: Kika Satchel in grey
I don't usually like bows, but the bow on this purse is really cute. I really like the light purple.

I'm really thinking about getting the burgundy Sasha; it's so great.

Okay, that's it for now. My next purse lust post will probably be Gucci. :D


thao said...

I really like the burgundy Sasha and if you get it then all 3 of us would have it! Were you able to see it IRL? I also like the St. Tropez tote and it's for a pretty good price, but it depends on what you will use it for - more casual b/c there's only a magnetic closure. But I can see how fabulous it would be on a trip to Miami or Bahamas! The Kika satchel in purple is really cute, but pricey! I would not get that if you're wanting the Sasha.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE the Kika, especially in the gray/pink - was drooling.

the designer would get annoyed if I say this, but I wish it had a long strap to make it a convertible :) she should just sell straps on the side!!

I'm a traiter, but I kinda like the Kika more than the Sasha, though it would be fun if we all had the same one!


Lilo said...

I would totally use the vacation tote on the weekends. I wish it was smaller though, it looks like it is going to be huge.

I really like the Kika too! I'm so torn. I guess I probably will end up getting the Sasha if I get one.

I forgot to mention that I saw the Silver leather sasha at Neiman's. It was so pretty!! I wish the leather was cheaper. Sigh.