Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Black Out

Ok, I did not realize HOW boring my shoes are until I took pictures of them. Look! Out of all my regular shoes, I only have 1 silver pair and 1 brown pair (which I just got on Monday - Cole Haan snakeskin pumps). The rest are just black, black, black - I need help.

Picture 002

Don't know if these count, but here are my tennis, running, golf, and hiking shoes...oh and my Danskos (I like them no matter what people say).

Picture 004

And these are to be donated soon, I've had them since college (years and years ago) and rarely wear them. Any you guys think I should keep? For that matter, any of my regular shoes I should donate?

Picture 003


Shopaholic Homebodies said...

I knew you liked black shoes, but that's a lot of black shoes! At least they all have different details on them.
maybe you should start a shoes spreadsheet :) then it'll help you keep track of what color/style you need next (PURPLE!!)


Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Lots and lots of black! Too bad I don't wear the same size as you, then I can take some of those off your hands. :) Or I can give you some of my colored shoes. I like those tan thong sandal heels you are thinking about donating. Keep then, so I can see you wear them.

~ Lilo