Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bag Collection

Ever since Shasha's post with her shoe parade, I've been itching to take pics of my own shoe and bag collections. Here are my bags first - they're more interesting than my shoes.

And, because I'm so neurotic...I like to keep a spreadsheet of all my bags. It helps me keep track of the styles, sizes and colors so I can plan for my next purchase!

Bag Inventory

Here are cross-body messengers:

Picture 016

These are the satchels:

Picture 015

My totes and shoulder bags (though there's a few that I'll be ebaying soon):

Picture 019

And some small purses, clutches and wallets:

Picture 023

When you line them all up and don't count the wallets and clutches, I really don't have that many...right? Ok girls, let's see what your collections looks like.

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Lilo said...

I like your red satchel! How come I don't see you wear it to work? I can't believe you keep a spreadsheet that is so detailed. haha