Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Fuglies

Random musings today.

1. Our internet/cable was out earlier tonight, so JK and I went to watch Wanted at the dollar theatre - it was hilarious - I was laughing 70% of the time even though the action scenes probably weren't intended to be funny.

Angelina Jolie is a hottie, but she was way too skinny in this movie :( she seriously looked scary, like a skeleton.

2. Meet the Fuglies - yeah, they're ugly, but I like them!

3. Even though JK didn't support me getting the travel wallet we've been contemplating, he did say that maybe he'll blog on our website! Here's JK and the alien. JK's wearing his church clothes, and the alien is wearing his pug disguise.

4. I want to go to Austria to visit this outsider art museum -- Gugging. It's tied to a psych institution where a number of its artists are housed. . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I actually like the sandals at top right and the grey shoes at top left. Boo to JK for not letting us get the wallet. It's ok, I'll forgive him if he blogs...maybe about why he loves those expensive watches? I dunno about his outfit though...he looks like he can use a sartoralist make-over.

Too bad we didn't know about the Gugging museum when we were in Austria, though it does creep me out a bit. Austria was pretty and very clean...though I was tired of eating all those sausages, JW loved it.