Friday, September 19, 2008

Recent Loot!

Hey T,

Just 3 weeks ago my affinity for shopping reared its ugly head again, after being dormant for almost 2 years. What set it off was the shopping trip I went on with you and my mom. Is there an epidemic going around? I now find myself strangely obsessed with purses, but am relieved that there are fellow purse addicts out there even crazier than I am!

Let's take a look at my recent loot.

1. Here's my Botkier Shasha in Sapphire - I kept staring and staring at this online, but what prompted me to finally get it was the 20% off deal, as well as the free return shipping should I need it.

When I was trying to decide whether I should get it or not, JK asked me to stop obsessing and to just go check it out at a store. However, this was not an option since I live out in the frontier where there isn't a Nordstrom/Neiman/Saks! By the way, JK doesn't understand the appeal of purses - he thinks they are nothing special. Is this the deal with JW as well?

2. On my recent trip to the outpost/big city, I came across this Cynthia Rowley Martha at 75% off:

I think this one fulfilled my convertible obsession.

3. My momma got me a wallet! It's my first expensive wallet, and I don't want to put money in it - I only want to put clean, new things in it :)

So this all started with purses (I blame Thao for the bad influence!), then slowly, but surely, migrated on to shoes. I think I'm basically done with my purse obsessions (no funds basically!) and I've managed to hold off any any recent shoe purchases, but I don't know how long I can keep my guard up!


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