Sunday, September 28, 2008

Am I goth or not?

Hi T,

So I got this dress in Taiwan like 5 years ago. I last wore it to church 3 years ago, and a girl sitting direcly behind me was whispering to her boyfriend, "that lady is so goth!" I remember thinking a) who you calling lady? b) goth? what the heck, I thought this was kinda classic/Audrey Hepburn-ish.

So I held off on wearing it for many years, fearing I would get goth comments again. Anyways, I decided to wear it anyways to church today. The funny thing is I saw a stylish granny and her little grand-daughter in completely black/white today too, with checkered & polka dot patterns. K was pointing out to them, saying "hey look, you guys match!"


Anonymous said...

WHAT? How can someone call your dress's totally classic. Weird people. And it's cute that Ervy likes to be in the pic so that he can match with you.

Lilo said...

I really like that dress! There is nothing goth about it, it's too cute to be goth. I think if you wore rounded toe black pumps, it would have an even more classic look.